by Ivan Šuklev Macedonia is a country that is momentarily riddled with difficulties. Beginning with the enormous waves of refugees, that are trapped and extremely dissatisfied because of their status-quo between the borders of Macedonia and Greece, then of course there is the famous name dispute with Greece, a conflict that has been around for […]

I will not add the French flag filter on Facebook to my profile picture. I am not putting a picture of the Eiffel tower with the hashtag #prayforparis. I will not write condolensces to the victims, will not endorse the public outrage with the events that took place in Paris. Before you condemn me about […]

by Ivan Šuklev July 25th, 2015. Five thousand refugees are desperately trying to enter the city of Gevgelija, a city that lies on the border of Greece and Macedonia. Their goal is to continue their long journey from the hells of Syria to their final destination, the paradise of Germany and Western Europe. On their […]