After long-time EU member Slovenia and cosmopolitan Liberland, we have finally made it to Serbia, the heart of former Yugoslavia! Still the unequaled cultural hub of the Balkans, and with a fascinating historical and political landscape, this is were things went wild. Our trip led us from the autonomous province of Vojvodina and its capital […]

Just few months ago, Czech politician Vít Jedlička has declared his own state on a little strip of land somewhere between Croatia and Serbia – Liberland. Profiting from border disputes between the two states, he used the unclaimed “Terra Nullius” on the shores of the Danube for the creation of a new libertarian micro-state. Yet, […]

Hitting the road to discover the Balkans, Campus Europe started its trip in Slovenia, the “gate-way to the Balkans”. With five days time and luckily a Slovenian on board, we set out to discover Slovenia’s alternative scene, its wine culture, nature and food. After five days we went on, this time heading to the East. […]

  For the summer 2015, Campus Europe had set itself a special goal – exploring the Balkans. With a team of three, our camera equipment and an old Ford Fiesta, we decided to travel for four weeks through all of former Yugoslavia and Albania, seeing for ourselves how the Balkans really were. And of course reporting […]

While London is slowly turning its back towards Europe, its younger inhabitants have done everything but that. This weekend, forty youth leaders from all over Europe and twenty experts will come together in the city’s Old Theater to work on what they call the “redefinition of the European Mission”. The idea behind it? Making sure […]

  Each year, hundreds of thousands of European students migrate, looking for a better future and stable jobs.   Some flee the economic misery at home, others search for new experiences. Some will come back, others won’t. Student migration has become reality for Europe. But how will it shape the future of our continent? How […]

The Erasmus Program is continually growing. Over 270.000 European students participate in it each year, and by 2020 on out of five EU students should go abroad every year.   But why is the Erasmus program growing so significantly? And what does it mean for the European society?   In our second episode we made […]