Pitching Europe takes off

Campus Europe is excited to announce the start of its  promising initiative “Pitching Europe” in cooperation with our partner, the European Student Think Tank. As a new category on Campus Europe:

  • We are aiming to bring together political and social youth leaders from all over Europe to share their ideas with a wider audience. Throughout the month, representatives of European youth organizations will take turns in presenting what they see as the most pressing issues of our time and generation, and outline their ideal solutions on www.campuseurope.eu and www.europeanstudentthinktank.com.

In case you are interested in joining the initiative, feel free to contact us via our email account pitchingeurope@gmail.com or write to either Campus Europe or the European Student Think Tank.

We are happy to provide you with more information on the initiative and hope you stay with us. Let’s pitch in for Europe!



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